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Luigi Provini, EETCT cutting-edge technology

Luigi Provini, EETCT cutting-edge technology
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Luigi Provini, an Italian entrepreneur, been living in Dubai for over twenty years and known for his past in Formula One, has strongly supported the use of binary mixtures within the oil sector, supporting a group of Russian professors in the development of EETCT, the more cleaner and effective oil extraction technology.

The F1 Grand Prix are extraordinary opportunities to do public relations and create new contacts and Luigi Provini, immediately grasped how important it was to find cutting-edge tools with proven validity for what concerns oil and its derivatives: Formula 1 represents the  maximum expression in the field of motor racing. Not only because it attracts the best drivers and the biggest teams, but because it also inspire the knowledge of the sharpest minds in design, technological innovations, electronics and engineering.

A technology based on binary mixtures such as the EETCT, promoted by Luigi Provini, is suitable to become part of different profit strategies related to oil wells, given that the high-energy compositions of the binary mixtures contained in the patents have created new possibilities for application of thermochemical extraction.

Luigi Provini, thanks to his experience in the Formula One field, has had the opportunity to promote this advanced technology to several government companies around the world, from Asian countries through Europe and America.

What is important to understand, with regard to binary mixtures and their reactions is that a correct application, such as that linked to the technology promoted by the Italian entrepreneur, allows to expand exponentially its fields of application. The release of hydrogen, caused by the thermochemical reaction of EETCT technology, appears to be so penetrating that it clearly facilitates both the development of existing fractures in a well and the creation of new fracture branches in the productive strata.

By managing the reactions of binary mixtures with water within the productive layers, it is possible to reduce the quantity of the same in the layer, and allow extraction from previously inefficient flooded wells and still obtain good support for classic hydraulic fracturing in located wells or from  build in too inaccessible places.

The EETCT technology, promoted by Luigi Provini is able to work in very different temperature conditions: its effectiveness has been confirmed, after numerous experiments, even at -20 ° C, in Russia.  A peculiarity that makes this approach to the extraction of crude oil perfect for reopening the wells with large quantities of oil, which have been “preserved” from the high levels of flooding.

EETCT technology, can therefore be used not only in normal oil wells for which it is an instrument of cost reduction and greater production, but also for those wells that have been closed or not used because they are no longer profitable due to the occurrence of adverse conditions, such as  flooding precisely, or difficulty in extracting due to fracturing problems.

Thinking about the potential amount of crude oil currently difficult to reach, it is easy to understand how this technology has enormous potential, both in terms of additional oil production from these wells, but also in cost savings for the opening of new ones.

Although daily oil demand dropped dramatically in 2020 due to global travel restrictions and lockdowns, the drop in demand was partially contained as production resumed.

There are many heavy oil wells that are just waiting to be exploited: the EETCT technology promoted by Luigi Provini is theoretically perfect for being able to extract crude oil even in these areas that are usually inaccessible and difficult to use with classical technology, since it is a method oil heating based on a thermochemical reaction of Binary Mixtures (BM) which causes a strong release of energy but respecting very high safety standards.

Not to mention that the system to be applied to oil fields is not only completely transportable but once delivered, with containers suitable for both land and sea travel, it is able to operate effectively on more than 100 vertical wells per year.

It is important to remember that the thermochemical reaction obtained with binary mixtures can lower the viscosity of the oil and thanks to the strong release of gas makes it possible to increase the pressure around the well, favoring the extraction of the crude.

Years of experience in the Formula One field have given to Luigi Provini the opportunity to be part of a project that will represent a real point of turn in the hydrocarbons and their exploitation.