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Luigi Provini. EETCT technology applicable in any conditions

Luigi Provini. EETCT technology applicable in any conditions
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Luigi Provini, an Italian entrepreneur for long time active in the Formula One field, been living in Dubai for over twenty years, supports the application of a new method of extracting oil from wells based on binary mixtures and the thermochemical reactions resulting from their application.

The patents supported by him, concerning the EETCT (Enhanced Environmental ThermoChemical Treatment) technology, have the potential to radically change the oil sector, favoring a significant reduction in costs and an increase in exponential productivity, thanks to an application capacity even on wells located in  inaccessible or disused places due to objective fracturing difficulties.

The relationships established in the Formula One field by Luigi Provini, have been an excellent foundation from which to start to create a network of contacts usefull for the promotion of this cutting-edge technology.  The automotive sector is perhaps the only one able to truly understand the potential of a clean oil extraction technique characterized by a lower economic cost.

Motor racing is able to connect the most excellent minds in the fields of engineering, design and electronics, but even more they are able to express the best in technological innovations.  Advanced technique can become synonymous with lower cost and the savings obtained can become an investment that allows you to achieve more important results.

The EETCT technology, promoted by Luigi Provini has been tested in different situations, even reaching the limit test in Russia at -20 ° C: in all cases, considering the use of binary mixtures and their thermochemical reaction, it has managed to be a valid support for the classic hydraulic fracturing used in the hydrocarbon extraction industry, but has mainly shown that it can make abandoned wells, because flooded or difficult to access, productive again.

The gases produced by the EETCT technology, allow for more familiar access to the crude oil contained in the wells because they are able to fracture it more widely or to create new fractures from which to proceed with the extraction.

The tests carried out on the use of this cutting-edge technology have been able to show, numbers of barrels obtained, how it is possible through the use of binary mixtures to optimize the work of the wells, avoiding all those criticalities that are usually typical of the oil extraction industry. Thus obtaining an increase equal to 2 to 10 times compared to the normal quantity of oil extracted.

The world oil supply is ensured by large producers such as Saudi Arabia, Russia, the United States, even for those countries such as Italy that would have generous welld on their territory but do not exploit them adequately.

One of the strengths of the EETCT technology, supported and promoted by Luigi Provini, is that it can be applied to any type of oil well, making it possible to exploit the thermochemical reactions of binary mixtures but at the same time respecting the high safety standards required.

The tests performed have shown that through this state-of-the-art approach it is also possible to correctly manage the reactions of binary mixtures with water within the production layers, thus obtaining a reduction in the quantity of the same, making it possible extract from the flooded wells considered inadequate and therefore abandoned. With exploiting the EETCT technology it is possible to continue to extract crude without criticality.

The tests carried out in the oil field, have then shown that in any case, regardless of the extraction site, the same occurs in a cleaner and faster way: two characteristics that lead to a decrease in general costs and an increase in production.  Well owners who apply this technology have the ability to instantly make a profit on every barrel of oil produced.

The greatest advantage of the patent made available from Luigi Provini, it can be used, even offshore in any type of well: vertical, horizontal or injection, not to mention that EETC technology can be exploited at any depth and for any type of crude.

Luigi Provini had the opportunity to successfully promote this technology to various government companies around the world, from Asian countries through Europe and America: oil extraction still represents the basis for the functioning of several industries and sectors, which also includes a world that the Italian entrepreneur knows very well, namely that of Formula One.

EETCT technology can really make a difference.