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EETCT, why Luigi Provini encourage this technology

EETCT, why Luigi Provini encourage this technology
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Luigi Provini, a well-known figure in the world of Formula One and entrepreneur, has long encourage EETCT technology  at the forefront of oil extraction, regardless of the reserve and the place where the well is located.  A new way of extracting crude oil from wells that is more environmentally friendly due to the lower need to burn fuel during the procedure.

Environmental ThermoChemical Treatment (EETCT) is able to make oil extraction much more productive by reducing not only the impact on the environmental but also the costs of the procedure itself.  A technology that comes from the sublime minds of a group of russian professors and that’s why Luigi Provini, an Italian citizen, been living in Dubai for over twenty years, has promoted, understanding all its incredible characteristics.

The purpose of the EETCT technology, is to make oil extraction faster and cleaner, two factors that are continually pursued by those who own oil wells: only in this way is it possible to obtain a high-level product.  When crude oil is extracted, two major problems are faced: the first is that of breaking the surface of the tank, creating sufficient cracks to be able to proceed with the extraction and the high viscosity of oil in some deposits.

Generally, the hydraulic fracturing method is used, an approach that is not completely set aside by the new technology encourage by Luigi Provini, but which is integrated by the EETCT technology and therefore by the procedure that uses binary mixtures to complete the job.

For binary mixture, a product consisting of two different chemicals, where the different elements of the mixture are not homogeneous. The properties of these blends depend on the composition of the two chemicals used, the relationship with which they are mixed, the size of the particles involved and even the way they are related to.

Chemicals that had already been used for oil purposes but had never been applied to the extraction process, obtaining such important advantages as those revealed by the EETCT technology encouraged by Luigi Provini.  While they were once used to clean up wells, today these blends become an integral part of the extraction process.

The thermochemical reactions that are created, are producing a very important amount of gas, that makes pression and which results in a large amount of cracks, which obviously favor the possibility of a more fluid extraction and the formation of an enormous amount of heat that heats the oil and reduces its viscosity.

The largest oil producers in the world are the United States with 19.47 million barrels per day, followed by Saudi Arabia and its 11.62 million barrels per day and Russia, capable of producing 11.49 million barrels per day.

The EETCT technology, promoted by Luigi Provini, exploiting the procedure based on binary mixtures, is able to make the current hydraulic fracturing used more profitable, triggering chemical reactions capable of crushing the formation containing crude oil more easily, managing to avoid flooding of the tank as often happens with the traditional extraction technique.

The correct management of the reaction obtained during the procedure is able to eliminate any type of dangerous pressure that could damage both the extractive structure and affect the quality of the crude.

A comparison between the EETCT technology and the one known as the heated steam method highlights how the procedure based on binary mixtures allows to extract crude from any type of collector and allows to obtain an “irrigation” effect that is 10 to 20 times lower compared to ashydraulic fracturing.

It is also possible to have significant savings not only for what concerns the preparation of crude oil for extraction but also for what concerns the efficiency of the extraction itself and the costs related to the opening of new wells.

The technology promoted by Luigi Provini can also be used at depths greater than 800-900 m: there is no heat loss as occurs with steam, because in this case it involves the transport of cold elements at any depth and the reaction  takes place directly in the well, or immediately next to the well.  The binary mixtures used produce only light condensation gases, which increase the pressure in the production layer, and when dissolving in the crude oil, decrease its viscosity.

It took years of study and testing by the staff at the disposal of Luigi Provini, to be able to develop such a technology, more environmentally sustainable for the environment and cheaper for oil producers.  Thanks to the EETCT technology it is possible to extract more oil and extract it cleaner, managing to save on extraction costs, obtaining a higher quality hydrocarbon.