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EETCT technology and Luigi Provini, the future of oil extraction

EETCT technology and Luigi Provini, the future of oil extraction
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Luigi Provini, who has been living in Dubai for over twenty years and well known for his past in Formula One, has established in Zurich, together with a group of retired professors, a company doomed to change the future of energy as we know it: TCTM Oil Field & Environmental Technologies SA.

A company, that has given patent to the most efficient and environmentally friendly technology in the field of hydrocarbons, regardless of the condition and the reserve reference. An approach that is extremely relevant to those who exploit it and that is the result of a job of over 15 years on the Enhanced Environmental Thermochemical Treatment (EETCT)

The idea of Luigi Provini was to develop an oil extraction technique that could be optimal in any context, regardless of environmental morphology and in collaboration with a group of professors has given a intuition that has been increasingly improved to achieve more and more high standards in the years. The advantage of a more cool and clean oil extraction is obvious: costs falls while daily production is growing. This allows for the owners of the wells applying the EETCT to earn quickly on each crude oil product, starting from the simple application of the technology.

The country with the largest oil reserve is Venezuela, with 300.9 billion barrels of reserves followed by Saudi Arabia, with 266.5 billion barrels. Canada follows 169.7 billion barrels. They follow Iran with 158.4 billion barrels and Iraq with 142 billion and still Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates and Russia. EETCT technology, allows a much cleaner and more eco-friendly approach compared to other used techniques. It should not be forgotten that the patent made available to Luigi Provini puts a process that cleans the production layer not only prolonging the current life of the petroleum well, but it gives way of extracting up to 90% and at least 70% of the crude content in the well.

Luigi Provini has worked with his group of experts professors to make hydraulic fracturing obsolete and EETCT, has the cards in order to do that: this technology has been developed to be able to extract oil in any environmental condition. It has been created to make any kind of well fruitful. Technically, the patent made available to Luigi Provini can be used, even offshore, on all types of rock formation and any type of well: whether it vertical, horizontal or even injection or production wells.

Not only: EETCT can be exploited at any depth and for any type of crude. One of the reasons for which this technology is the future of extraction consists in the fact that it is the perfect solution to be used for all those deposits for which extraction is considered too deep, expensive or difficult to achieve such as if you are going to work on arctic fields or have to work with shale oil deposits.

Thanks to this patent it has been possible to obtain in situ thermal cracking of heavy crude oil, lowering its viscosity in a stable way, managing to increase the value of the raw material even before reaching the surface.

EETCT technology, is a oil heating method based on a thermochemical reaction of Binary MiStures (BM) that causes a large energy release.

This is a totally automated procedure that occurs according to the highest safety standards: the system to be applied to the entirely mobile devices, is delivered on container also suitable for travel to the sea and it is able to work effectively over 100 vertical wells per year.

Returning to the reaction to the patent, it does not only reduce the viscosity of oil but it releasing an important amount of gas causing the increase in pressure around the well, favoring the extraction of the liquid.

EETCT technology, is a revolutionary oil extraction system because, thanks to the thermochemical reactions of high-energy binary mixtures, is able to increase production than any other oil well, even those in very good place, where there is not enough sufficient amount of water.

It is about a technology that allows extracting residual oil in the wells already closed, if the state of the well storage is optimal and that it does not need to burn excessive fuel quantities on the surface itself.

It took years of study and demo from the staff of  Luigi Provini to achieve these results: now this technology, convenient and ecological exploitation of hydrocarbons is a reality that can be touched by hand.