Luigi Provini and EETCT technology: how the oil sector can change

Luigi Provini, an Italian entrepreneur, been living in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates for over 20 years, has promoted EETCT technology (Enhanced Environmental ThermoChemical Treatment), a cleaner and more convenient approach to oil extraction, at the governmental representations in several countries of the world, TCTM Oil Field & Environmental Technologies SA in Zurich.

Through the use of binary mixtures it is in fact possible to give life to thermochemical reactions capable not only of making the crude oil more fluid in the wells, but also of supporting the fracturing of the same to facilitate their extraction. Luigi Provini, active for years in the Formula One field, was able to understand the importance of an oil industry that knows how to give life to a lean and fast management system capable of producing barrels of crude oil making full use of all available resources.

The EETCT technology, promoted by Luigi Provini, is able not only to support the classic hydraulic fracturing used in the wells, but also to facilitate the extraction of crude oil from bitumen deposits contaminated by sand. Its strong point is to be able to trigger, thanks to a binary mixture of proven effectiveness, the reactions necessary to extract oil in any condition.

Recent disclosures, have released that at least two million oil wells on which EETCT technology could be used profitably: a figure that includes both the currently exploited wells and those that could be recovered with optimized production through this cutting-edge approach.

The oil extraction, is one of the most critical phases for what concerns the general functioning of the hydrocarbon exploitation industry: that is because the work inside the wells is often affected by the difficulty of managing the processes that make up the extraction procedure. Even when the site is morphologically and geologically simple to process, the viscosity of the crude oil, could risks slowing its journey to the surface.

With the EETCT technology, promoted by Luigi Provini it is possible not only to find support for fracturing thanks to the gases produced, but at the same time modify the viscosity of the oil directly upon extraction, obtaining a more fluid and cleaner product.

Almost never an oil well is exploited for its entire capacity: generally more than 60% of the crude oil remains unused inside the well, which, with the application of the technology promoted by Luigi Provini, can undoubtedly be extracted in higher percentages.

The EETCT technology, is an oil extraction technique, that can be applied in any context, regardless of the environmental morphology: the type of well or its location. The daily demand for oil has suffered a major shock with the outbreak of the pandemic, but it is estimated that it can continue to grow every year reaching the needs of 104 million barrels per day in 2026.

The experience acquired by Luigi Provini in the field of Formula One, was fundamental to give life to his network of contacts: we are talking about a sector in which the most excellent minds of engineering, design and technology work together to achieve important performance, and increasingly satisfying results.

Being living in the United Arab Emirates for more then 20 years, was for the Italian entrepreneur of the vital importance, in order to build a vaste network of contacts that allowed the commercialization of EETCT technology in the Gulf countries.

EETCT is a technology that embodies the typical know-how of that environment: it is economical, functional and sustainable from an ecological point of view.  The release of hydrogen, caused by the thermochemical reaction of the used of binary mixture, is so penetrating the layer as to greatly facilitate both the development of existing fractures in a well and the creation of new fracture branches.

This technology can therefore be used not only in normal oil wells, for which it represents an important means of reducing costs and increasing production but, as already mentioned, mainly in closed or disused oil wells.  The technology was designed specifically for this scenario.

The exploitation potential of the technology supported by Luigi Provini is very high, both based on the number of potentially exploitable wells and the percentage of crude oil that usually remains unused inside the wells.

The future of the oil industry and its reserves is in the hands of those who will be able to make the most of the devices that technology makes available. The EETCT technique is one of those that will change not only the oil sector but its weight in the world if used in the right way.

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